The most competitive school in Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo - Mexico

The school

Our mission in Playa del Carmen Spanish School is to give the students a teaching of high quality at the lowest price in an atmosphere of openness, listening and camaraderie. We believe a language school should concentrate in its reason for being: teaching. So we concentrate 100% in what we do best: teaching Spanish.

The director and owner of the school is Mexican. She graduated from La Universidad Intercontinental de Mexico with a master degree in marketing and has more than 10 years of experience as a Spanish teacher and school director. She and her team will be able, with their warm human approach, to make you feel at home. All the teachers are highly experienced Spanish teachers. This being said, we will happily make it a point of honor to make sure the students spend the most enjoyable moments possible during their stay. 

We will be able, according to your budget, to guide you in choosing the best activities and excursions available. Our approach, dominated by a constant desire to make things simple, allow us to be the most competitive school in Playa del Carmen. 

The school is located in a Mexican style house in the popular Colonia Centro on a quiet residential street just a few walking minutes to the beach, the famous Quinta Avenida and market places.


A number of amenities, unique environments, sports, and activities can be experienced during your stay in Playa del Carmen.

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Why to learn Spanish?

Spanish is a vital part of the business world as well as a powerful cultural heritage. In America and Europe Spanish is the most studied foreign language.


Our Spanish courses are great for learners with a whole range of needs. All beginner students can expect to cover survival Spanish – great for a short visit to a country where English may not be spoken and you want to make good contacts within the local community. 

After learning the basics, your course develops according to your needs.

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At Playa del Carmen Spanish School we are committed to delivering a friendly and professional service to all our customers. Your feedback is very important in ensuring that we can properly and fully evaluate and consider how we are performing.

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